Monday, 4 January 2010

Quick hello ...

Hi id thought id wish everyone a happy new ! i dont post on here much at the moment as i am rubbish at organising time to write as i work shift on a busy neuro ward at a hospital . Im always quite happy to sit and do nothing after running around after sick patients all day ! Still I love my job and i work as part of a great nursing team looking after acutely ill patients from all walks of life.

We all love Christmas with all its festivity's and we all hope for a prosperous new year but please remember that this time of year is the coldest so try to take care great care on snow and ice and to look out for old people as we see a lot of head injury's which can claim lives and alter lives there familys life forever. I hope you all get through this period safely and please spare a thought for loved ones who need extra support this time of year.
All my love Tim x


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Amanda and Tim said...

Tim, you sneaky monkey, you didn't tell me you'd posted this (bet you were waiting to see how long it took me to notice, huh?) I wondered why my latest post was coming up with a title I didn't recognise!! YAAAAAAAAY I am sooooo happy you posted something *hug* - it's great and so thoughtful, just like you. Hope you had a good day, I'll see you after work *mwah* xx

Jeanne said...

Amanda and Tim,

Happy New Year! Yes, let's look out for each other and support those who need it.


P.S. I like the new look of the blog for the new year! Complete with Amanda's artwork. Yay!

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