Thursday, 28 January 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Things are rather hectic here at 22... we're in the midst of packing and relocating temporarily before our big move "up North", we're applying for jobs and looking for houses to live in, and we've decided to bring our wedding day forward to this coming autumn (a provisional date has been set, whoo hoo!)

This means the blog and my story have gone on hold for a little while, but so much is running through my head and nearly everyday I figure a little bit more out and know where I am heading with both my life and this novel. It's a very exciting time, if rather stressful at moments.

I'm covered in bumps and bruises from hefting sofas and tables and cabinets up and down stairs, into vans and all round the houses (quite literally as well as metaphorically) and emotions are becoming strained with sadness at ending this part of our lives and fear of the next unknown, but on the whole we are positive, happy and excited. Besides, as Tim put it when we had finally managed to manoeuvre the sofa up the stairs, round the bend and in to our temporary abode "we can achieve anything, if we stick together"... and he's right. Sometimes it really is just the two of us left alone to deal with all the crap that life throws at us, but look how far we have come and how close we are because of it - if we can survive the previous two years at the very beginning of our relationship, we can survive anything. Bring it on world, we're ready for ya!


Anonymous said...

I can sympathize....we're in the midst of packing too. Chaos!

Jeanne said...


I see that Alicia has already stopped by with her "fellow mover" sympathies. :)

Seriously, good luck moving and try to pace yourself/be careful so that you don't get hurt. Moving is tough on anyone... but especially so when chronic illness is involved.

I sent you the directions you asked for regarding the blog badge. Please let me know how they work out.

Good luck! I know you are very busy but keep in touch. It's important to fit some downtime in when moving. You can take a rest to shoot me a note and reassure me you're OK. LOL. :)


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