Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fantasy Worlds

Following on from the success of the poetry series last month, my writing enjoyment has increased no end. I have re-found the joy of creating a whole world for myself and others to enjoy, whilst finding a new faith in my ability to do this.

For many years my dad has been convinced I was going to "write a book" that would be enjoyed by many, but it never seemed more to me than the belief of a proud (and slightly biased) parent. Even though it was a dream of mine to do exactly that. In fact, I have often thought of what I could write and started something last summer during one of my many breaks from work due to my health. But once I got back to work I forgot all about it and it all just ground to a halt.

Over the Christmas period I re-read one of my most favourite fantasy trilogies, one I never knew existed until I met Tim (fantasy worlds are one of our shared joys). The world was so real and the characters so "touchable" that I longed to produce a similar success and for once thought I might have a chance. With a few tweaks, my idea began to take a much stronger form and the world started taking on a life of its own. In one day I wrote the beginning chapter which, when added to the prologue, took my word count up to 7,000. I have never found it so easy to write that many words, making me realise that I was really on to something.

Of course, in a fantasy world, it is not just the characters that have to become real, but the land it is set in, the lives of the people and the little things that make the world unique. It is fun, yet challenging, and I have enjoyed spending my lunch breaks this week planning out the chapters and working out these finer details. There is still a long way to go, things I am not so adept at, like drawing maps and plans to the abbeys and villages and even the palace where this is set. But what fun...

When I first got Tim to read what I had written so far, the doubts began to creep in... what happens if it is not as good as I think it is, what happens if I have put too much detail and not enough dialogue in, what happens if it just isn't "real" to anybody else... so many thoughts running through my head. And yet, Tim absolutely loved it and cannot wait to read more. He may be biased, of course he may, but he does read an awful lot of fantasy books and I am sure he knows what makes a good one.

So, 2010, my year of possibility, really has started with a flourish and although I do not want to put too much about this book on my blog just yet (here's hoping it may one day be publishable, either by normal means or online somehow), I hope you will join me in celebrating the joy of creation and how much fun it can be. I never thought I would get to this place, but then again I also never thought I would write a whole series of poems like I did last month. You really can do as much as you set your mind and heart to. So tell me, what does your heart desire?


Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration Amanda! And your post is a great reminder to me what I actually wanted to be doing on my free Wednesdays (tough they are quite full at the moment with driving lessons and other things)... for I too have started on a fantasy novel... not really started like you did...but I have the plot outline and the most important characters... only thing to do now is: start! Cant wait to read yours! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh..and btw..which is your favourite fantasy triology... I wonder if I know it (and if not..should probably read it) :)

Amanda and Tim said...

I'm pretty sure you've told me before you love this trilogy too... it's Trudi Canavan's "Black Magician" trilogy... oh how I love the story, the world they live in and the development of all of the characters, especially Sonea and Akkarin!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes..I know it very much! And I love how I hated Akkarin at the beginning and then slowly (like Sonea) grew to like him...

Jeanne said...


Congratulations on your writing progress! I sent you an email with a special sign I photographed just for you. Did you see it yet?? :)


P.S. Right now, my heart's desire is for my friend Alicia's adoption process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible! (Did you hear her exciting news?????)

ReadyGo said...


What a wonderful post. I'm so happy for you! And you're making me so ansy...I want to read it! You know, even if you let me read it, I'll still buy it (in several copies I'm sure) when you get published :)

My heart's desires are too many. I want to continue to climb the ladder with my company. I want to feel truly successful. I want to have a family- little ones of our own. I want to write. I want to accomplish something athletically that makes me feel proud again. ...The list goes on and on ;)

I hope you're doing well. How's your health?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!!! You go Girl!

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