Tuesday, 8 December 2009

December 8th

I had awful troubles remembering today's poem all the way through, and recorded the video far too many times. This version isn't the greatest, but I am afraid it was the only one with the complete poem, so please do excuse the quality of it.

I haven't really made any cards this year, like so many of my projects and ideas they failed to start due to lack of time. Part of this is due to the amount of cards I send out as I just love to use this time of year to catch up with all those people I may not have had time to speak to over the past year, as well as sending loving messages to those we may have seen but want to remind how much they mean to us. Tim was always amazed by just how many cards I receive at Christmas, maybe it is a "girl thing" but I have always received as many cards as I send out.

My grandma, however, is the queen of Christmas cards. Each year her card writing amounts into triple figures (I couldn't say how many, I lose count) and her living room is covered from floor to ceiling with cards she receives. My grandma is the greatest example of what Christmas is all about - she loves to give, she loves to bake, she loves to sing, she loves to be with friends and family and she just brims with festive spirit. I can only hope I have as much festive cheer when I reach her age!

I hope your Christmas card writing is going well, don't forget to get those cards in the post before the last posting dates!


ReadyGo said...


It has been so long! This post really put a smile on my face. You've been writing quite a bit I see- I'll need to go back and try to read! It seems like you're doing pretty well, and congratulations on your engagement! And in Italy no less, how wonderful.

Ben and I are doing well. The wedding went perfectly; it was better than we could have imagined. And we took two weeks for our honeymoon which was the best part. So relaxing and fun. We went to Cancun, Mexico and Disneyworld in Florida!

My health is doing pretty well actually. I stopped going to doctors and decided just to grin and bare it for a while. So far so good... I'm running quite a bit now. And I've lost about 25 pounds which was definitely needed after the Lupron weight I put on :)

We went and saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist who told us that IVF is the only way that I can have children. Mainly that's because my endometriosis is so aggressive that I can't come off of birth control pills for long enough to actually get pregnant. So we're going to wait until April of next year before we start looking into what we will need to do for that. I guess with my brain tumor, they need to do more tests before I can try to get pregnant in order to ensure it won't grow.

But our spirits are high, just being together for now. I hope that you find peace and calm in being with a man that you love. Everything will work out the way it's supposed to- even if it's not exactly how we envisioned it growing up. That's what I've come to figure out has really made me the most happy.

This is the first time I've been on my own blog in months. I'm going to try to start writing again here and there. We have all kinds of fun things going on that aren't related to endo- so it'll be good to write about that a little.

Please keep in touch! And have a Merry Christmas!!!


Jeanne said...


We have yet to start cards either. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I stopped "writing" cards years ago. Now I merely just mail a picture of us that says "happy holidays". Kinda lazy I guess.

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