Sunday, 18 April 2010

Living the dream

Tim and I are still in limbo, still waiting for his CRB check to come through so that we can move and he can start his new job. But we are not wasting time...

Remember my last post about starting a business so that I could stay home and work around how I'm feeling? Well things are moving on. The sewing and painting idea have been put on hold for a new passion of mine - jewellery making. This time last week I had nothing and now I have a toolbox full of well over £200 worth of beads and things, several pieces to my name, and 6 sales under my belt. Not bad for one week, hey?

Here are a few examples:

The 'Diana' necklace - so called after the Goddess due to it's powerful beauty. It is made by four strings of crocheted wire with turquoise and garnet chips, which are then plaited together. I loved making it and was incredibly happy to sell it the very next day! I thoroughly plan on making many more like this with a variety of semi-precious stones for varying issues - this one was for emotional expression.

The 'Abigail' necklace - muted green and pink tones for a delicate, feminine look. Occasional pearls and silver beads give an extra feel of class to the necklace. This one is up for grabs and I shall be setting up a new website, once I can figure out a name for myself.

The 'Charlotte' necklace, named after the one from SATC - I love her elegance and beauty and felt that this necklace was just that. This one was admired by a customer but left because the person who she was buying for was more "hip" than "classy".

The 'Josie' earrings, named after a dear friend of mine who passed away. She had the biggest heart and these were just like her - full of love and happiness.

And this, well this is an experiment, to see what I could do with crochet and silver wire. Crocheting with wire is a strange thing when you're used to yarn, but rather simple to pick up, and doesn't it just make the most gorgeous pendants? I just love it, but don't quite know what to do with it yet.

So there you have it, a few samples of my ever-expanding collection of jewellery. And do you know what, making them has been so therapeutic... I feel happy for the first time in months, I fel calm and relaxed and have even had people comment on how well I am looking. Despite my reservations, my fear that the business will be a big flop and that I don't deserve to be so happy AND make some money, I feel that I am finally getting to the place I always wanted to be. I feel like I am beginning to live my dream. I am happy. And life is good.

Stay tuned, folks, I feel some big things are coming!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great Amanda, well done! I really think you've made the best decision, we all know where your heart lies truly! Thanks for popping by my blog recently, it's been a hectic few weeks round here, I got my first (hopefully not last) Guest Designer spot on a card blog (just for a week) but I was incredibly made up about it I can tell you! Good luck with more jewellery sales, crocheting wire ay? How do you get on with that? Have you shredded your fingers yet!!!


Simone said...

Well done on your jewellery making venture! It looks like you have taken to this craft quite easily and are producing some lovely things. x

janice said...

hi Amanda, please send me your address as I have a little something to go in your jewellery toolbox

Louise said...

It really is very pretty jewellery Amanda. I do hope your venture is a success for you. I am in my forties and still yearn to live the dream. I haven't given up hope, and one day will fulfil my aspirations. When the mortgage is paid! Wishing you both a very happy weekend. x

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