Monday, 27 July 2009

"Hi" from Tim

Hello. Im the one who will dig up usfeul (and not so) useful info and stories. I love any thing mysterious and fortean (look it up !) and I am also a bit of a nerd when it comes to certain subjects.
For some reason, like most men, I have lots of random bits of information in my head which pops out and must be said to the confusement of others: its said a little bit of information is a dangerous thing - in my case its not dangerous just annoying . (edit by Amanda - VERY annoying when said information is given by interrupting me in mid-conversation!!)

So I hope to post useful stuff as well as such as recipes and how to's . Im gonna start collecting bits and peices so by the time I come back I will have a dearth of recipes and info (or maybe one recipe and a how to) so cin cin to you all for now .


Simone said...

Just found your new blog by accident whilst on the blog profile page. I am looking forward to the recipes and the how to's! x

Regina said...

Welcome to the blog world and looking forward to recipies, how tos - ah, a little confusement is just find, a little training for the brain ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, both of you blogging together, looking forward to what you come up with.... and welcome to the world of blogging Tim.

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